Lambert’s Film Brilliance

‘It is one of the finest things of a true business community where an inspirational idea, during a cycle ride, from a Dynamic guy can turn into something which will impact above and beyond the original goals. That is exactly what happened when Barney Phillips suggested making a short film around the classic Two Ronnies, Fork Handles sketch for 25:am member Lamberts.

Then with sketch writing wit lubricated by ale the plans were in place. A set was built. The filming team in place with other member Eye Film at the helm. Lamberts provided the funding and the sandwiches and a unique team of talented 25:am members was put in place to play the roles alongside two professional actors.

The phrase ‘giving up one’s Saturday’ absolutely did NOT apply to what happened next as personally I would have paid to be part of the process we all enjoyed so much. We can’t wait to show the actual results after an official launch in November.’ - Elliot Symonds, Chairman